Shakira’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance Sparks Hilarious Memes

Most people seem to agree that this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show was a blast. Shakira and J-Lo delivered a major performance. However, Shakira did this with her tongue and instantly spawned tons of memes. People are already calling it one of the best Super Bowl Halftime Show moments of all time. Even if we’re just talking about how much it worked as a meme.

Some pointed out that this would be their way of translating some of what Shakira says during her performances. Others went a step further.

Some compared it to when you’re locked up in an argument and are clearly losing. Instead of fighting your losing battle, maybe you could just make weird sounds like Shakira.

It wasn’t just everyday people who got involved. The official account of the HBO series “Euphoria” posted that it’s their response when anyone asks for spoilers.

Haven’t we all been here? After a night out of drinking, we need to do a quick double-take to see if we’re handling ourselves properly. We usually aren’t.

Some didn’t even tweet the hilarious gif of Shakira. Everyone knew what the gif looked like, so a few people compared it to other popular gifs like this one of Tyra Banks.

A few others had even more fun with the whole thing. They compared it to gifs like this, which showcase an animal with its tongue out like Shakira.

Shakira is kind of a whole mood. She and this meme are kind of the perfect way to showcase the way you want to feel for the long remainder of the year 2020.

We kind of hope this person is kidding. The joke is funny but could you imagine waking up every single morning to the sound of Shakira doing this?

Here’s another classic. It takes a popular kid’s program and if you wait for the few seconds of video to pass, you’ll see exactly why this was such a good meme.

If you all remember this classic track from the 2000s, then you know how this goes. Twista comes in for a ridiculously fast verse that we can’t keep up with.

Wrestling fans will be able to understand this post. Back in the 2000s, the Boogeyman character was known for doing weird things like this whenever he saw another wrestler.

Other football moments came into play as well. This one used a Nick Saban interview from a while back to give us the response when you’re told to stop watching Shakira.

This one was up almost as soon as Shakira did the tongue wag. It hilariously compared the sound to that of a turkey and we haven’t stopped laughing about it since.

This is another one that most of us can relate to. Whenever we see a baby, we often do our best to make them laugh. Sometimes, it sounds a lot like this.

Anyone who has been to the self checkout line at Target knows this feeling. That camera is always right up in our faces and sometimes you want to respond with a funny face.

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