Hilarious Memes About Netflix Show “Tiger King”

Twitter: @WenEazy

We’ve all worked those terrible jobs where we feel like we have to clock in, regardless of what awful things are happening. That’s certainly what seems to be the case here.

Twitter: @BrettMau5_

Sticking with the same person, most of us feel the way he explains here after we’re done with “Tiger King.” We can’t stop watching but it’s a rough experience.

Twitter: @MaliaDeliyanne

“Tiger King” is not exactly a show anyone would ever call wholesome. However, the bond between the lion and these weenie dogs was exactly that.

Twitter: @hootihooo

Leave it to “Tiger King” to completely ruin something so pure for people. Ken in “Toy Story 3” will probably never be looked at the same by fans of the series.

Twitter: @gracekellrogers

Sometimes, someone points out that another person reminds them of something and then you can’t unsee it. A walking Chucky doll is all we see now.

Twitter: @IloraBean

Where there are Twitter jokes, there are Photoshop jobs. This one hilariously puts Joe Exotic’s head on the body of Jasmine from Disney’s “Aladdin.”

Twitter: @billyberkman

You have to appreciate that people just assume there’s eventually going to be a biopic regarding these strange folks. Bill Hader should probably be cast in everything, to be honest.

Twitter: @NikkiGlaser

Comedian Nikki Glaser made sure to tell everyone who her favorite character on “Tiger King” was. She even dressed up exactly like him. It’s quite accurate.

Twitter: @Hummy_Seed

To be fair, this is kind of the case with most reality television series. They often have no boundaries for their interviews. A bathtub is taking it too far, though.

This is pretty much how most of us feel the second any check of over $1,000 enters our bank account. You feel like a baller, at least for a second, even if you aren’t one.

Twitter: @90DayFianceLit

One of the biggest contradictions on the series comes from Carol Baskin. For someone who says she doesn’t want cats kept in cages, she sure does a whole lot of that.

Twitter: @SydneyGood98

Forget what was said earlier about James looking like an adult Chucky doll. This comparison feels like it is much more appropriate and terrifyingly accurate.

Twitter: @Saraiously1

We honestly don’t think we’ve ever seen someone get so roasted in a single tweet. This is just negative stuff from start to finish and it’s not entirely wrong.

Twitter: @KristinBoymom

Let’s be totally honest. This might be the most accurate description posted online. It’s a political post but on an election we all seem to have some serious thoughts on.

Twitter: @notn1co

The events on the show are pretty wild, which ultimately makes them unrelatable. However, most of us can agree that this is our feeling when we get an email.

Twitter: @bakerbakerbakes

In a show with tigers, possible murder, and guns, this might be the scariest thing. It’s just an overwhelmingly frightening place to wake up every morning.

Twitter: @colebaker___

Combine two huge shows on Netflix to get this post. It suggests that Allen Glover is really just Creed Bratton from “The Office.” Watch both shows and see for yourself.

Twitter: @HannahFritz10

Ah, the classic Spider-Man meme. It is fantastic and always leads to a good laugh. All three of these characters are similar despite all of their arguments.

Twitter: @CarolineCowboy

“Tiger King” is the biggest thing in the world right now. Why not pair it up with another internet celebrity? Together, they perfectly describe the questions near the end of the show.

Twitter: @kathlean808

A doctor of the mystic arts? That sounds totally preposterous. Of course, that means it fits right into the insane world of “Tiger King” with the greatest of ease.

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