Funny Michael Jordan Inspired Memes From “The Last Dance”

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The talk everywhere right now is ESPN’s “The Last Dance” documentary series on Michael Jordan and the 1998 Chicago Bulls. Memes are popping up everywhere, like this one about the small things Jordan used to motivate himself.

Twitter: @davidehrlich

Honestly, if there was ever a way to stop the Coronavirus, this might be it. Jordan often dominated and defeated those who suggested they were somehow better than him.

Twitter: @jga41agher

It seems very believable that Michael Jordan had a list like Ryan from “The Office.” He took every little thing done by opponents as some kind of motivation.

Twitter: @SASBurnerAcct

One of the most meme-worthy things from the show was Michael Jordan’s reaction to Gary Payton saying that he could guard him. Jordan laughed hysterically and the internet ran with it.

Twitter: @BrotherHQ

This is pretty much everyone on Twitter. We crack up at our own posts, only to find that others don’t care as much. Still, it’s really funny to us at the time.

Twitter: @fangsbites

A lot of people seem to think the NFL season will start on time during the Coronavirus pandemic. However, a lot of others think that’s actually quite laughable.

Twitter: @chiseledadonis

Some compared the reaction of Michael Jordan to that of The Joker during a face-off against Batman. This video shows just how closely the two responses actually are.

Twitter: @FanDuel

Here’s a classic. Some fans out there truly believe that the Warriors, especially the 73-9 group, were better than the Bulls. This is the appropriate reaction.

Twitter: @jessica_smetana

What makes this one so great is that it plays off of the idea of the crying Jordan memes that were everywhere for the past few years. Now, we have a new Jordan meme to love.

Twitter: @NFL_Memes

It reached a point where the memes were used in relation to other sports. This one about Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky is just flat out cold-blooded.

Twitter: @SportsCenter

The eighth episode ended with Reggie Miller saying he was going to retire Michael Jordan. This meme put MJ’s head on Adam Sandler’s body for a memorable line from “Uncut Gems.”

Twitter: @StephenNelson

There are plenty of great memes that spawned from the shots of Jordan smoking a cigar and holding a baseball bat. It makes “Major League” references perfect.

Twitter: @JJWilliamsWON

Wrestling fans from the ’90s will get this one. The nWo was a group of over a dozen stars. However, Sting and his trusty bat often had no problem fighting them off.

Twitter: @jemelehill

This was from one of the earlier episodes. It was again a Jordan reaction to something another player said, this time from rival Isiah Thomas. It works for a group chat fight as well.

Twitter: @Jlrusang

This face could also be used to showcase a slight form of approval. Jordan probably feels that way seeing all of the positive memes relating to him these days.

Twitter: @seanmacgo

Some took the jokes about Jordan’s competitiveness to the next level. They added in subtitles relating to a wild game of spin the bottle and everyone laughed.

Twitter: @CoryO24

A case could be made that the biggest breakout star of “The Last Dance” is this security guard. The shrug became a meme and now he has been spotted all over the place.

Twitter: @gwizkhalifa_

One of the stories covered was when Jordan punched teammate Steve Kerr in the face. Kerr talked about it with a positive light, reminding people of a classic “Mean Girls” scene.

Twitter: @KeatonPatti

This truly seems like the kind of thing that Jordan would’ve been motivated by. How dare someone else have the same name as him, regardless if the middle initial is different.

Twitter: @jakepeter_

Former teammate BJ Armstrong hit a game-winning shot for the Hornets against Jordan in the 1998 Playoffs. He celebrated and it irked Jordan. This suggests that was the whole reason Jordan bought the Hornets and has run them so poorly.

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