Chunky The Bulldog Special Talent is Balancing Entire Meals On His Chin, And It’s Hilarious

I don’t think anyone questions whether there are talented animals out there. We’ve seen all kinds of stuff, from dogs who can get the newspaper to birds who can talk. It’s truly limitless. Gorillas who can speak sign language, chickens playing the piano, and dogs who can skateboard. I’m sure you’re thinking of some stuff you’ve seen that I haven’t, too. But this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As long as we have pets, and as long as our pets have special talents, we’ll continue to see interesting stuff pop up, and boy, do I have one for you. His name is Chunky.

Yes, that’s right – Chunky. Chunky the Bulldog is his full name if you were wondering, and he’s adorable.

His cute face is bringing joy to the lives of others all across the world. Like most dogs, he has a bit of a food addiction. However, it’s not exactly what you’re thinking.

He is obsessed with balancing food on his body. Yes, that’s right – food on his body. From pizza to chips, he’s done it all.

If you weren’t already impressed, you’re about to be. Because not only is he a master balancer, but he does it… asleep.

Okay, okay – the gig is up. It’s probably not Chunky putting the food on himself. But it’s fun to pretend it is, right?

InstagramHow it works is pretty simple. First, he falls asleep, and as soon as his humans think he’s out cold enough, they run to the kitchen. Grabbing anything and everything, they stack the food up as high as they can go.

Now, I can’t speak for Chunky, obviously, but it’s my gut feeling that even if he were awake, he wouldn’t care too much about the game his humans are playing on him. In fact, I like to think he’d play along.

Maybe you’re sitting here thinking that balancing food on your body isn’t a talent. I disagree, but I hear you. So that’s why Chunky is also an actor.

That’s right; he was born for the camera. He has dressed up as everything you can think of. Even different species (like this monkey!).

He also loves Spiderman and has the cutest little pajamas. Seriously – how cute?! He looks like a little baby.

If you can’t tell, he loves his family. Even when he might not be in the mood, he’s easy going and understanding. He lets them do absolutely anything to him, without putting up any kind of a fit.

You may be asking, “Well, how do you know this?” I know this because you’d only let someone you completely love stuff your face with marshmallows. I don’t want to hear any kind of disagreement.

The point is, Chunky is a role model for us all. His love, talents, and positive attitude are something we could all benefit from. He’s certainly not the only puppers with an amazing talent, so let’s mention a few other noteworthy critters.

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