Britney Spears Burning Her Gym Down Becomes A Meme

Instagram: @britneyspears

There aren’t many celebrities around who have been as prominent in the public eye for as long as Britney Spears. We’ve been watching her since way back in 1998.

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Instagram: @britneyspears

Though she hasn’t been making new music lately, fans still get their consistent dose of the pop music icon. Britney does have over 24 million followers on Instagram.

Instagram: @britneyspears

She is constantly posting fun videos for those loyal followers. Among them are clips of her dancing. However, her most popular ones might be her workout videos.

Instagram: @britneyspears

Within those workout videos, you’ll find things like clips on meditation and some related to yoga. These are often met with high praise and those who see it follow along.

Instagram: @britneyspears

These videos have become even more beloved in our current pandemic state of affairs. While stuck at home, she has more time to do these kinds of things.

Instagram: @britneyspears

Britney has also let people know that she’s doing well during the quarantine but she does miss her boyfriend. It has partially led to her losing some weight.

Instagram: @britneyspears

While most of what Britney does becomes a bit of a hit with the internet, a recent story that she shared has gone viral and turned her into a meme across social media.

Instagram: @britneyspears

The video itself is pretty basic. It’s mostly just Britney working out. However, the video starts with her explaining that she accidentally burnt down her gym. Only two pieces of equipment remain.

Instagram: @betches

The internet has absolutely run with this story and it has led to some hilarity. Even verified Instagram accounts are posting their funny takes on it.

Twitter: @datinnocent_

Part of what made this Britney Spears story so memorable was the timing. On a weekend where top female musicians were delivering new hit songs, Britney stole headlines.

Twitter: @prasejeebus

It’s always fun to photoshop someone’s head onto someone else’s body. That’s especially true when the outcome is as funny as this one turned out to be.

Twitter: @davemizzoni

Maybe this is just the kind of outlandish story that we need to distract us during these trying times. There aren’t many things that would be more distracting.

Twitter: @JoePassmore

It’s always great to take a previously established meme and apply it to the current internet sensation. That’s what Joe Passmore did here and it’s perfect.

Twitter: @outtathispussy

Once again, this is a situation where someone took a popular existing meme and expertly applied it to Britney’s story. It’s reminiscent of how she seemed fine during her video.

Twitter: @HEELZiggler

Professional wrestler and admitted Britney Spears fan Dolph Ziggler shared his thoughts. He did a play on the famous “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE” viral video from over a decade ago.

This tweet went a fantastic route. It took a one-second clip of a Britney video where she sings, “Oh no.” A totally possible reaction to it happening in real-time.

Twitter: @thistallawkgirl

The best thing about the story might be the casual way in which Britney explained it. This person decided to suggest that it’s a good idea for a 2020 mood.

Twitter: @sbstryker

Sam Stryker took things in stride. In a 2020 filled with terrible news, this ridiculous story became Sam’s favorite. And why not? It’s just wild enough to be fun.

Twitter: @sbstryker

Oh, but Sam Stryker was far from done. Sam also added this tweet later that night. It shows that the whole story was still stuck in Sam’s head several hours later.

Twitter: @ecareyo

This tweet just might be our favorite of them all, due to its simplicity. It straight up just suggests that Britney needs no explanation and it just had to be done.

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