Billy Porter Becomes Viral Meme After Rocking Remote Controlled Hat At The Grammys

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Buzzfeed via Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Billy Porter, star of the hit FX series “Pose”, arrived at the Grammys and stole the show. From the shoes to his makeup, he was crushing it. Then, his remote-controlled hat opened up and we all lost it.

As this tweet showed, the hat opened to reveal Billy’s face. It was unique and unlike anything we had seen on the red carpet before. As always, the internet turned it into a meme.

Let’s be honest, food heals all wounds. Here, it’s as if someone pops out from the shadows as soon as they realize there’s an opportunity to get some free food.

Billy Porter looks like he’s about to drop some serious sass on someone when he appears here. That’s kind of how we feel when we send an email that starts this way.

Peer pressure, man. It gets to us all. Just when you know that you shouldn’t go out and spend money, a friend offers up the chance and you step out at the right time.

Isn’t this something we all do? We talk about how much we don’t like drama but we’re always the first to show up when it comes time to see some of it unfold.

This is just like the drama one. It also works perfectly for the concept of the curtains opening the same way that Billy’s hat did. You’ve probably done this before.

Once again, paying attention to someone else’s drama is exactly what this pertains to. These folks react like this when it becomes time to mind business that isn’t yours.

Here’s one that we can all almost certainly relate to. The fast food location worker’s reaction whenever we pull up to place an order is always something like this.

When you’re young, you want nothing to do with random family members you barely know. However, your parents make you come out and you don’t want to do it at all.

This is right along the same lines as an earlier meme about an argument that could be stopped by getting food. It changes your whole demeanor and you come out like this.

Everyone who has ever worked in customer service can completely feel this tweet. How dare these irritating customers have the gall to ask us their annoying questions?

Opening yourself up to someone can be an extremely difficult thing to do. it can lead to all sorts of heartbreak. Yet here we are doing it one more time and risking it all.

Okay, so this one is kind of weird. The idea that someone is sneaking around and hiding in Beyonce’s house is odd. Either way, it’s still kind of funny and that’s what memes are about.

Maybe you are in therapy to help fix any of your problems. You talk about a bunch of nothing like an open book, only to realize that time is almost up and nothing important is being said.

Nobody unannounced should be pulling up to your house late at night. When you hear that happening, you push through the curtains out of curiosity and possibly fear!

Consider this one right along the same lines as the fast food meme earlier. Except here, it involves showing up hungover in your fabulous outfit from the night before.

Sometimes, it’s not about how we feel as people but something that we have all seen. We know what it’s like when our jeans rip and our knees pop out from out of nowhere.

There’s a good chance that this is the funniest of all of the memes. Imagine trying to stay cool at a funeral for a loved one only to catch the eye of a new suitor.

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